Title: Xylo The Show    Genre: Television Series
Run Time: 22 Minutes x 6 Episodes  Type: Television Series

Director: Ian Nolan   Producer: Michael Khazen, Ian Nolan, Sam Kouth

Availability: TBA

Synopsis:  Xylo is a variety show in the same vein as "Mystery Science Theater". It is hosted by the maniacal alien Xylo and broadcast live from his spaceship across the cosmos. His co-host is an abducted "earth human" named Ed whom Xylo uses as his window into all things retro, relevant and geek.The show focuses on human nerd culture and features sketches, reviews and interviews with celebrity abductees  Oh, & did we mention Xylo and his ships crew are all puppets?


Gastown Vancouver, BC V6B 2K9, Canada

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