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Title: Dude Where's My Ferret   Genre: Short
Director: Alison Parker   Producers:
Michael Khazen, Alison Parker, Amanda Konkin

Run Time: 13 Minutes

Availability: TBA

Synopsis: Skeezix has grown a righteous marijuana plant for the Colorado Cannabis Cup Contest, whose grand prize is a cool thousand dollars. When Skeezix's dream girl Zelda shows up at his stoner pad to give him a lift to the venue in Boulder, it seems like everything is going to be gnarly. But when Zelda runs off unexpectedly, leaving her buzzkill pet Ferret Bueller behind, the situation becomes decidedly bogus. Can Skeezix keep Skeez-o-weed and Ferret Bueller in one piece before Zelda gets back, or will the bumbling stoner lose everything?

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